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TP-Link M5350

3G, Wi-Fi,SIM card slot, OLED display, charger, microSDslot, HSPA+ 72Mbps, battery 8 hours

Refund: 1500 CZK

TP-Link M5360

3G Mobile Wi-Fi, int.3G Modem, SIMcard slot, OLED display, 5200mAh powerbank, microSDsl, HSPA+ 3G, 72Mbps

Refund: 1700 CZK

Car charger

Charge your devices on the road with the Car Charger with an included USB cable.

Price: 10 CZK / day (Max. : 50 CZK)


This insurance covers all cosmetic damage to the equipment but does not include loss or any damage which affects the performance of the Equipment.

Price: 50 CZK / day (Max. : 250 CZK)